Urban Moxy is proud to be your source for today's fashions for women who want to be "Loaded with Style" and conceal and carry in a responsible and functional way. Women now make up nearly half of the concealed carry permit holders in the US. It is time that we have products that appeal to those women who want to carry concealed in a fashionable and responsible way!

You can be conceal in all these ways with an Urban Moxy handbag! Urban Moxy was designed by a woman shooter with the woman shooter in mind and having the responsibility of being able to lock up your firearm in our signature "lock it pocket" when you feel it is appropriate. Our bags have function and fashion at the forefront of every design. Our bags have been designed to be able to pull your firearm as quickly and effectively as you would be able to do so with an on body holster. Having the gun is one thing, carrying it responsibly and effectively takes training. Please train with whatever means you decide to conceal so you will be prepared for what ever might come your way. The 2-3 second pull is a must with any concealment options and we are happy to say that we have achieved this in our handbags!

Feel free to look around and if you would like to see our products in person, be sure to check our store locator page for a shop carrying our bags near you. If your favorite gun shop is not on the list, be sure to ask them for our handbags! We want you to be able to see, touch and feel how amazing our bags are in person. You will not be disappointed!

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Price: $99.99

Aurora is our iconic purple bag that boasts a stunning chain accent and a braid on the side. The concealment "lock it pocket" is located on the back of the bag and adorned with our signature bag chain.
Urban Moxy Black Plated Steel Stud Earrings
Pistol Stud Earrings
Price: $4.99

These edgy black plated studs are made out of surgical steel and give you that subtle stud look with a rough and tough edge! Great for stocking stuffers and gifts!
Urban Moxy's Nicole Concealed Carry Handbag is perfect for any occasion. It has a large enough space inside to house a computer or tablet but also good for just a night out on the town with your best looking bag! Order your Nicole today!
Nicole - Limited Edition, Green
Price: $79.99

This Limited Edition Nicole is a beautiful oyster shell and green colored faux osterich tote that is "loaded with style"! The locking holster pocket is on the back of the bag and is adorned with our signature bag chain and two keys.
Urban Moxy Bag Charm
Urban Moxy Bag Chain
Price: $7.00

Urban Moxy's signature bag chain featuring our cylinder "o", a high heel, a pistol and a purse. Great for gifts or a little something for yourself!
Leather bullet bracelet
Price: $11.99

This leather bullet bracelet is the perfect way to show how you are "loaded with style"!
Urban Moxy's Hang On Key Chain and Bag Hook
Hang On Key Chain
Price: $9.99

Never loose your keys inside your bag again! With the hang on keychain, you can easily hang them in the same spot inside your bag and always be able to keep your purse safe and close by hanging it on the table next to you.