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Does your store attract women? Are you looking to get more women in the door? Well you need products that appeal to their sense of style and fashions. Women shooters now make up 47% of the concealed carry gun owners in America. Urban Moxy is proud to be your source for fashionable firearm accessories that appeal to women who want to be "loaded with style"!Urban Moxy was developed by a female with the female shooter in mind. Designed to be fashionable but first and foremost with the functionality of a holster in a handbag. Urban Moxy bags have been tested and tried by female shooters all over the country. We are proud to offer our handbag to brick and mortar gun stores, Instructors, Gun show exhibitors and e-commerce retailers.

If you would like to partner with Urban Moxy by selling handbags for gun concealment in your business, Please fill out the form below to set up an account. You will be contacted within 24 hours with log in information and details about your account. The minimum intitial order quantity if very low. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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*Please note* All drop ship orders have an additional $5 per bag handling fee added to the wholesale price. If you choose to drop ship in addition to stocking, add a secondary email address for your drop ship account.

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